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PCB board inspection standard

Circuit Board Inspection Standards

1. The scope is suitable for incoming inspection of mobile phone HDI circuit boards.

2. The sampling plan shall be inspected according to GB2828.1-2003, general inspection level II.

3. The inspection is based on raw material technical specifications and inspection samples.

4. The qualified quality level is based on the AQL value: Class A = 0.01, Class B = 0.65, Class C = 2.5.

5. Testing instruments and equipment: plug gauge, vernier caliper, reflow oven, dynamometer, magnifying glass, digital multimeter, constant temperature and humidity box, key life tester, gold-plated layer thickness tester, flat marble or glass, insulation resistance tester , constant temperature ferrochrome.

6. Defect classification: serial number Inspection item Defect description Outer packaging is wet, materials are placed in disorder Defect category CB Remarks 1 No label inside or outside the package, wrong label, water drops inside, no moisture-proof beads, no humidity card, mixed materials, no vacuum Package.

1 Shipment report not provided. Factory shipment report

2. The inspection items in the manufacturer’s shipment report are not consistent and complete according to our inspection standard requirements, the test data does not meet the standard requirements, the report has no approval from the quality supervisor or higher-level personnel, and the report content is false, etc. If the above requirements are not met. B serial number inspection items General defect description The incoming material is different from the sample manufacturer, different plate number, different plate (including no plate identification), no production cycle, and no factory standard. There must be no sharp edges around the PCB to affect the assembly and harm the operator. Porous and few pores Large and small pores (according to the requirements of the design drawings) There is residual copper in the NPTH hole, and there is oxidation in the hole. ) finished aperture: if exceeding the requirements below

3 Drilling round holes: NPTH: +/-2mil (+/-0.05mm); NPTH: non-sinking B copper hole; PTH: sinking copper hole PTH: +/-3mil (+/-0.075mm) 2,

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